Small animals

We specialise in small animals and have a good range of foods and hays available including meadow, timothy and oat grass.  Our well trained staff have had years of experience with small furries and can advise you on all aspects of their care.  Cheryl used to run a rabbit and guinea pig rescue and is the lady to go to for advice.  We regularly run special offers on an extensive range of small animal toys and treats and there is always something new.  We are members of the rabbit welfare association and can offer a lot of help when choosing your new pet.  We also have a nail clipping service for rabbits and guinea pigs in exchange for a donation in the charity box (please phone first)

Current prices as follows

Large bag of loose hay £4.99

Large bag of loose straw £3.99

Large bag of loose shavings £4.99

Small loose straw £1.89

Small loose hay £1.99

Compressed shavings £4.30

Burgess feeding hay (timothy) £5.99

Alfalfa king timothy hay £5.79

Friendly Timothy readigrass £4.79

Friendly readigrass £3.89

Friendly oat readigrass £5.75

Appleby run (6ft x 4ft) £59.99

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