Hamsters make ideal family pets, and being nocturnal, they are more active in the evening. They have a life span of about two years, and are believed to be extinct in the wild.

Hamsters are short sighted so they get to know their owners by scent, and must be treated gently, Care must be taken that they do not fall, as they cannot see a drop! They do not like damp conditions, or heat, so bathrooms and kitchens are not good places for them. Bedrooms are ideal, and if your hamster gets too cold, he will go into hibernation. 

Diet is very important. Feed a good quality mix available from Fido's and perhaps a treat or two. Remember they have tiny livers, and the E numbers, colourants and preservatives in human food will make them very ill. Never give them human chocolate, as it sticks in their dry cheek pouches! or hay which can lacerate their pouch. 

Cages start at £25

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