Goldfish are one of the easiest of all fish to keep, but if they are to be kept in an aquarium, you must remember that they are totally dependent on their owner for their welfare. There are many varieties to choose from, ranging from the  common goldfish to varieties such as comets (long tail), turkeytails (double tail), orandas (large knobbly head), rainbows (multicoloured) and moors (all black). For all varieties, as big an aquarium as you have space for and can afford, the better. A filter is essential, as it mechanically removes the waste produced by the fish, by pulling it into a sponge, where it is broken down and made harmless by invisible and odourless bacteria. The filter also oxygenates the water, by stirring it around. A light is not essential for an aquarium, unless you plan to grow plants, but it does enhance the appearance, and most small aquariums come with lights already fitted. Fido's usually has a selection of attractive modern small aquariums. Aquatics is a huge subject, far more than can be written about here, especially when tropical fish keeping, marine fish and ponds, especially koi ponds are concerned. In fact it is a hobby for life


We would advlse that you do some research on the internet before you commit

yourself to what may otherwise be an expensive mistake.

More information is availablefrom the Pet Industry Federation web site, 

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