We stock a wide range of bird cages, food, treats and accessories and proudly stock one of the biggest ranges of small bird and parrot toys in east anglia. We are often updating our ranges so you can always find something new and exciting for your pet.

Current prices as follows

Johnston & Jeff Budgie super 50 20kg £24.00

Harrisons Budgie vitamin 12.5kg £18.00

Johnston & Jeff Mixed canary 20kg £27.00

Harrisons Canary vitamin 12.5kg £21.50

Johnston & Jeff Small parakeet 20kg £23.00

Harrisons Parakeet vitamin 12.5kg £19.60

Johnston & Jeff Foreign finch 20kg £23.00

Harrisons Parrot mix 15kg £39.00

Harrisons parrot mix £3.50 per kg

Johnson & Jeff Low sunflower african grey £3.50 per kg

Johnson & Jeff Lean & fit parrot £3.50 per kg

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