We sell everything for beginners right up to experienced fish keepers.  Our complete set ups (tank, light, filter etc) start from just £49 and we also stock gravel, food (aquarium and pond), plants and ornaments.  If you need advice Alan (Mr Fido) is on hand to pass on his experience and knowledge to help make sure you know how to look after your fish.  Our ranges include Juwel, Aquarian, Superfish, King british, Waterlife, Hugo Kamishi and more. 

Current prices

Su bridge Pond sticks 10kg £22.49 or 2 for £40

Su bridge koi sticks 10kg £22.49 or 2 for £40

Small floating pellets 15kg £23.86

Large floating pellets 15kg £23.86

Loose sticks and pellets £3.95/kg

Loose sinking pellets £3.95/kg

Loose wheatgerm pellets £4.95/kg

Pond flake £2.50/100g (out of stock)

Panorama 40 tank £49.00

Panorama 60 £69.00

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