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INTRODUCING Burns new WEIGHT CLUB. Half of Britain's Dogs are overweight, so it is said, putting them at risk from heart disease, arthritis and a reduced life span. Ensure that your dog is a healthy weight by joining our FREE Weight Watches Club. Bring in your dog (or any other pet) in to be weighed on our special new jumbo sized scales absolutely free and with no obligations.

FREE DOG FOOD with BURNS loyalty scheme. Each time you buy a bag of Burns
(same size bag each time), we stamp your card. After seven bags, we give you the eighth for free! This is very popular, and to date we have given away over 250  2kg-15kg bags!. Please ask for a card at the counter.
SPRING IS HERE   Our Wild Bird Food area is ready with an extensive range of foods and feeders, including squirrel resistant,  SPECIAL OFFER Sunflower Hearts- 20kg for £29, 12.75kg for £19.99,  black sunflowers 12.75kg for £16.50 plus Fat Blocks;  insect, berry, mealworm and peanut at only £1.00               

 NOW OPEN  Fido's new Chew Bar for Dogs.. Over 80 varieties of dog chews sold singularly from what must be the biggest display for miles around!  including lamb chicken, peanut butter, cheese and smoky bacon flavours

Frequently Asked Question No. 1 -- Why are you generally so much cheaper than the pet superstores
Answer -- Because we pay far lower rent and rates than the superstores, but we are big enough to get the best discounts off our suppliers. We are a husband and wife team without shareholders to pay, and we are not greedy. Also we save on space  by having a single sack of each variety of food on display instead of a pallet, (with plenty more stacked behind the scenes) This saves on overheads which we can pass on see, and Fidos can offer much the same prices as internet shops, without the wait or the risk.

                             WELCOME TO
FIDO'S, started by Alan and Lorna Raven, and still going strong after 40 years. 
We are a large authentic, double award winning  Pet Shop, combining old fashioned service with new fangled technology, and an alternative to boring and expensive old pet superstores chains.
We aim to give an efficient service and value for money for our customers in a free and easy and friendly atmosphere.
Guinea pig hutches and runs now in stock.  4ft guinea pig hutch on tall legs £99.  6ft x 4ft rabbit/guinea pig run £59.99.  Hexagonal 6 panel run £35

BARKING HEADS dog food is now available from us. We stock some, but there are 58 varieties! - no shop can stock them all, however our efficient ordering service guarantees a genuine 10% discount which should make it cheaper than local superstores.
Orders in by 12 noon Monday for delivery Tuesday
Fido's now has 24,000 pet products at your fingertips.
by giving you access to the biggest pet wholesaler in the country!
HOW IT WORKS. You click onto their web site HERE
choose your product, ring us on 01603 487492 with the code number and description, not later than mid day on Monday, and provided Vital has it in stock,
they will deliver it to us on Tuesday. The price is on their web site (RRP) and you can pay us by cash or card on collection.
Smaller items can be posted to you at cost, paying by credit card
We are pleased to announce that in our smart new upgraded pet room as of
 Tuesday 2nd May 2017, we have  Guinea pigs, baby rainbow budgies, baby Hamsters, Guppies, shubunkins, goldfish and Turkeytails 
BEAT THE TAX MAN WITH FIDO'S TAX FREE DOG FOOD. see navigation see also our TAX FREE SMALL ANIMAL FOOD and our TAX FREE WILD BIRD FOOD                      
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                   This weeks ultra- low BONE-A-FIDO DISCOUNTS
                       for collection from our shop or for local delivery
Lovejoys  complete dog food 15kg now from £34.00 CHEAPER THAN THE INTERNET 
Burns Chicken/Fish/Lamb and rice 15kg only £52.99  - 7.5kg only £28.99
Wellbeloved adult Lamb/Rice and Turkey/rice 15kg at £47.50.     7.5kg only £28.50
Wellbeloved senior Lamb/Rice and Turkey/rice 15kg at £46.95     7.5kg only £28.95
Skinners Field and Trial Duck and Rice 15kg only £25.99  TAX FREE
Skinners Field and Trial Maintenance 15kg only £18.99 TAX FREE
Skinners Field and Trial Salmon and Rice 15kg only £28.95 TAX FREE
Skinners Field and Trial Turkey and Rice 15kg only £32.59 TAX FREE
Skinners Field and Trial Muesli 15kg only £17.99 TAX FREE
Skinners Field and Trial Working 23  15kg only £18.99 TAX FREE 
SUREFLAP microchip Cat Door only £67.95
                     NEW - DISCOUNT VOUCHERS FOR YOU                      
save on dog and cat beds, collapsible dog crates, carry cages, cat flaps, flexi leads, hooded cat litter trays, hamster cages, bird cages. Click HERE
FIDO'S is located in the Dixon Shopping Centre,where there is ample FREE PARKING, and toilets including disabled, and the wonderful Dcafe' ( run by our daughter Elizabeth) which serves the best light lunch in town so their customers tell us.

FIDO'S is licensed to sell Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Budgies Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels and Goldfish, all as available



FIDO'S provides a very efficient ordering service for those hard to find pet foods and accessories. See 'Pet Food Ordering Service' in navigation

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FIDO'S stocks unusual things for pets that you will not find in the boring old big superstore chains. We stock over 4000 lines, and have many thousands more in our catalogues that we can order for you. ( see above)


FIDO'S has special offers and discounts throughout the store


FIDO'S can look after your small pets and birds when you go on holiday, with our boarding service.      see Costa Del Fido's in navigation

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FIDO'S takes cash and all major credit cards


FIDO'S is in the business of solving your Pet related problem

  if we possibly can - or we often know a man who can....


FIDO'S guarantees every pet accessory we sell. If you are not happy with your purchase, and upon production of a receipt, we will happily change it for you or refund the purchase price.


FIDO'S will happily exchange or refund any unopened and  still in date bag or tin.


If you have any pet related problems we can help you with, please email us at              


Be sure to add this web site to your favourites for future reference.

Please note the lists of useful contact phone numbers, email addresses and web sites within the index in the navigation column.


Please note that Fido's management or employees shall not be deemed responsible for any damage or loss financial or otherwise incurred as a result of purchasing or otherwise obtaining any animal or bird advertised on behalf of a third party on this web site. We have to cover our behinds now don't we?